Nashville, TN 1st Patent LED Photo Booth!!!

Photo Booth Types:

Open Air Photo Booth

Inclosed Factory Photo Booth

Selfie Deluxe Photo Booth

LED Photo Factory Booth ..

Our LED Photo Factory Booth is very sleek and modern looking. It’s guaranteed to wow all of your guests!


There’s a modern touchscreen kiosk inside, where your guest will start the photo booth session and it will show them a brief preview of their pics.

LED Lights

LED lights are integrated inside the walls with multiple of color options with a click of the remote. We can also tailor the color of your event with the LED Photo Factory Booth.

Fun Props

We have a bunch of fun props for your guest to take pics with! Both traditional like hats, glasses & mask as well as our fun sign props small to large themed for your event.

Classy Attendant

Our nicely professionally staff would make sure we set everything up and shut it down correctly.

Fits 1-12 People

The LED Photo Factory Booth fits 1-12 people inside of the booth. Let the memories start.

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